Godrim, The Exile

Surface Dwarf, Exiled from the Merchant Caste... Wielder of Tankards and Bar Chairs


Surface Dwarf, Warrior

HP – 38

Communication- 3 (Persuasion, Bargining)
Constitution – 3
Cunning – 2
Dexterity – 3
Magic – 0
Perception – 2
Strength – 3
Willpower – 1

Armor Rating – 4 (Heavy Leather)
Armor Penalty – -1
Defense – 15
Speed – 10

Two-Handed Axe
Hit – 3d6+3 Dmg – 3d6+3
Battle Axe
Hit – 3d6+3 Dmg – 2d6+3
Hit – 3d6+3 Dmg – 2d6+3

Armor Training: (You have learned to fight while wearing armor. You only take the armor’s penalty to your Speed, while those without this talent take it to Dexterity (and thus to Speed). For more about armor, see Chapter 4: Weapons and Gear.)
Novice: You can wear leather and mail armor without suffering a penalty to Dexterity.

Two-Hander Style: (You are deadly with two-handed melee weapons.)
Novice: The length of your weapon and the power of your attacks forces foes to yield ground. When you hit with a melee attack with a two-handed weapon, you can move the target 2 yards in any direction.

Weapon and Shield Style: (You’ve been trained to fight with a single-handed melee weapon and shield.)
Novice: You can use shields of all shapes and sizes. You get the full Defense bonus when using a shield. See Chapter 4: Weapons and Gear for more information on shields.


Born is Orzammar to the Vonark Family, a prosperous member of the Merchant Caste, Godrim was destined to inherit his family’s business from his father. After accompanying his father into the Deep Roads, House Vonark was shocked when it’s most recent expedition found no Lyrium. Still searching for new sources of Lyrium, Godrim was delegated the task of representing House Vonark with the surface caste in trade negotiations.

For many years Godrim was successful in his task, garnering contacts with many different merchants, including Surface Dwarves, Humans, and Elves. He continued this task until his father disappeared with a good portion of House Vonark in the Deep Roads, once again searching for a new source of Lyrium.

His tenure as the head of House Vonark was extremely brief, however. Merely days after returning his father to the stone, Vonark was taken into custody. He was informed that the Shaperate and King Endrin were bringing charges against him. Submitting, Godrim was brought before the Assembly.

Evidence was brought to bear that Godrim was responsible for a number of the disappearances of Lyrium from Orzammar. This included eye witness testimony from a number of surface merchants, most notably the Elf Merchant Dey, who testified that he met with Godrim personally to smuggle Lyrium. The human merchant Salazar also testified that he received a shipment of Lyrium to smuggle to the surface, but knew it was wrong and reported it to the Orzammar guard.

Godrim was found guilty of treason, and stripped of his House. Made casteless, he was cast down into Dust Town to be forgotten. House Vonark, in it’s weakened state having lost much in the Deep Roads, and now being implicated in Lyrium smuggling, quickly fell into disgrace. House Vonark is now barely Merchant Caste, dealing exclusively with Nug Excrement, which is used as fertilizer on the surface.

Rather than surrendering to despair, Godrim fled Orzammar, in search of the two merchants that set him up. Godrim wants answers, and hopefully will find something that will clear his, and his houses’ name. And if he can’t, at least he can exact some dwarven vengeance with a swing of his axe.

Godrim, The Exile

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