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The Story takes place sometime before the blight (and the events of both games). Where Thedas is entirely unaware of the coming Blight that will threaten all life in the world.

Ferelden is in an uneasy time of rebuilding, having only just thrown out the hostile occupation of Orlais where King Maric helped to free the lands from their oppressive rule.

Grey Warden presence is slowly building, as the oldest and wisest of the order are sensing the arrival of another archdemon.

After any great conflict, especially such a bloody one fought on one’s own soil, the rebuild is slow. One thing that has never seemed to recover after the occupation. When Orlais was left, they took their wealth with them, leaving ferelden in a great financial burden.

This is only made worse by the current Lyrium shortage. For sometime now Lyrium trades are disappearing, even illegitimate ones. What’s worse is even in Orzammar Lyrium is becoming increasingly rare. The veins seem to be less plentiful in yield, and expeditions into the deep roads for new mines are vanishing without much of a trace.

Turns out? Lyrium is not just for mages. Inface its becoming quite apparent it, atleast in Ferelden, it makes the world go around.

Several lesser Teryn’s are looking into this matter, as well as some mercenary groups. There is even talk that the Chantry has tapped their seekers to work on this matter as well. Which comes to little surprise as they all but control the Lyrium trade all across Thedas.

So, it comes to this.. It falls to you Adventurers. Do you have what it takes to discover the secrets behind this unexplainable shortage of such a rare mineral? Is Thedas ushering in a new age, where magic is to die? How far down the deeproads are you perpared to travel? How deep will you dive into the Ironfist rule Chantry for answers?

Ladies and Jellyspoons,
It gives me great pleasure to present to you: Lyrium : Not just for mages

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